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  • Morten's website

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  • bhm-music
    enjoying a wonderful work relationship with our record label we are happy to be on the BHM artist roster along side musicians such as Maceo Parker, Trilok Gurtu, Mike Stern and Alain Caron.

  • fattoriamusica
    this idyllically set studio in which we recorded our last four albums with sound engineers hròlfur vagnsson and oliver noack provides the perfect setting for musicians to work concentratedly and realize their music.

  • temple studio
    ever since our live album production „reach out... and sway your booty“ Oliver Noack and Frank Schmidt have accompanied our work and opened up new prospects in music production.


  • jesper juul
    our book recommendation for modern family values and peaceful living in family and society.

  • elektrizitätswerke schönau
    electricity without nuclear power. Not a utopia but reality with electric power company Schönau. employing environment-friendly and non-polluting power sources this electricity company is a role model for modern power generation.

  • greenpeace
    providing information where other sources fail greenpeace fills us in about genetic engineering, child labour and other vital issues.

  • childreach
    help children world wide. By becoming a sponsor you can help give a child in the third world education, health and a future.


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