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Gershwin with strings

Gershwin with Strings
(CD 2012)

Was heißt das denn?

was heißt das denn?
(CD 2011)
cd live and intimate

live & intimate
(CD 2011)

revolution 69
(CD/lp 2010)
cd reach out ... and sway your booty

she and he
(CD 2008)

cd reach out ... and sway your booty

reach out ... and sway your booty
(double cd 2007)
cd from soul to soul

from soul to soul
(CD/lp 2006
CD About

(CD/lp 2005)

CD I wish

i wish
(CD/lp 2005)
CD It took so long

it took so long
(Cd 2003)
CD ruby soul

ruby soul
(Cd 2002)
CD love again

love again
(CD 2000)
CD 50 ways

50 ways to leave your lover
(CD 1999)
CD 50 ways

this can't be love
(ep 1998)
limited edition
in unserem shop

live in bratislava
(DVD 2006) live at Bratislava Jazz Days